Sunday, March 16, 2008

Columbus Egg

We often try to perform,living by the rules.

Rules are often developed based upon experiences, the past.
To capture the future, set for new directions, 'old rules' sometimes get in the way.

One step further is the Master, who sets the rules needed to achieve new goals.

A great example of such a master is Christofer Columbus, who discovered America in 1492.

The egg of Columbus

Just after his first voyage, Columbus was at a party.

There, somebody told him that if he had not discovered America, someone else would have.

Without reply, Columbus took an egg and said, "He who can make this egg stand here on the table without support, he was the first to discover the Indies."

Each person on the table attempted to make the egg stand, but no one succeeded.

Then Columbus took the egg in his hand an with a smart stroke upon the table, it remained upright.

As is clear, Columbus in one single action proved:
  • He (only) had the capabilities of succeeding in utopic goals
  • Once somebody discovered something new in a simple way, that doesn't mean it wasn't hard to discover
  • To succeed, if neccesary, you'll have to change the rules (stroke the egg)
  • Tough situations urge for thinking out of the box

Remember, sometimes you cannot make an omelette without breaking the egg.

Next time your goals look unreacheable or you don't have enough time or patience, simply try changing the rules.

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