Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Career Decision Matrix

Rewarding employees looks simple. If someone "makes the numbers", simply reward him or her. When exceeding the numbers simply give an extra bonus or promote someone.

If someone doesn't deliver the promised targets, simply fire that person.

Unfortunately it's not that easy...

Lack of attitude
What if your employee "makes the numbers" but doesn't show the right attitude and/or doesn't demonstrate the company values.

Although it seems hard to decide: Fire that employee. Not firing, will result in 'copy behavior' of other employees, with chaos or possible mutiny as a result.

Not delivering the numbers
What about the reversed situation, when someone is showing the right attitude and company values, but doesn't (yet) deliver the promised numbers?

Give him or her a second or third chance.

Next time you reward someone, take into account his or her attitude.

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