Saturday, October 15, 2011

What you see is true

If your colleague, friend or relative disagrees with you, how do you respond?

Your reality
When we view or perceive (hear, smell, taste) something, this is reality to us.
And indeed it is a kind of reality, your reality! As, given your 'filters' like genes, education, physical (health) condition, background, position, circumstances, consciousness, and experiences (etc....), every human being can only perceive a small and often different glimpse of what reality really is.

So, to put it in an other way:

What you see is true, but what others see too!

This implies that instead of trying to convince the other that your point of view is right, it's more constructive and fruitful to ask the other about his view and opinion.

At first it will be difficult to understand the other and perhaps it even arouses aversion, but eventually you'll be able to better understand the other's point of view without the obligation that it necessarily has to become your point of view.

This way you'll be able to enrich, grow and develop yourself to a more complete human being. This way of thinking opens new doors and gives space for new solutions and breakthroughs in a growing controversial world.