Friday, June 27, 2008

Like a fly on a fly swatter

In times of threat, suppression or intimidation, what's best to do?

The simplified options are:
  • Fight, oppose
  • Defend
  • Negotiate, compromise
  • Run, try to escape

However, in certain cases there's another option...

The fly swatter
Imagine you're a (butter)fly and are hounded by a fly swatter.

The first three options certainly won't help. Remains, few chances to escape.

But there's an alternative unnatural approach that could help.

Simply enter the lion's den and take a seat on the fly swatter instead of trying to escape it.

Please notice that you are not attacking the person behind the fly swatter, you just take place on the instrument that is used to beat you.

Sure, it'll take courage to execute such a strategy, but success is within reach.

Remember this new strategy next time you're suppressed or intimidated.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to catch a fly?

Recognize that feeling of the returning irritating fly that keeps you busy? You wave your hand, you 'swat' a bit, but mister fly keeps coming back. And what's worse, swats don't help. Your fly is faster than your hand or the fly swatter.

Fly catching methods
Flies have a very highly-evolved evasion reaction which helps to ensure their survival. On the internet you may find several methods for catching such a persistent fly. Of course you can use a fly swatter.

However..., you''l have to get up from your chair and find your fly swatter to conclude that flies don't usually show up when your swatter is around. The alternative is the so called 'desperately clapping both hands method'. This method fails most of the time and increases your bad temper level. If - by accident – it is successful, you'll have to get up anyway to wash your hands.

New fly catching method
Just by accident I found out a new way to catch a fly with a newspaper or (one) hand.

I noticed that if the fly was on the table and I blew softly (starting very soft, followed by increased blowing), it would not fly away. In fact the fly would secure his position by sticking his feet to the table. As "sticking his feet to the table" and 'flying away' are two opposite - not combinable - actions, you've got enough time to swat the fly with your hand or newspaper.

This new technique of swatting flies finds his background in one of the many principles of the famous book The Art of War', written by the legendary Chinese general, military theorist and philosopher Sun Tze.

Attack when the enemy is not prepared and strike where he least expects it.

However keep in mind that Sun Tzu believed that the best strategy is to "win without fighting".

So fly, be a spider, make your web and find that new way in life....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Law of Risk Reality

Good friends help us to develop ourselves. Over the years we learn who we can trust and what kind of situations we are able to manage and control.

Law of Risk Reality
No matter how strong our relationship, believe or professional skills have developed or grown, there is a constant increasing 'second non visible reality', the so called "Risk Reality", growing around us that will eventually become reality in a split second if we loose our carefulness or take our acquired abilities or relationships for granted.

Some simple examples as an illustration:

  • You too, Brutus?
    On March 15, 44 BC, Julius Ceasar was killed by a group of senators. His last words "You too Brutus?" illustrate that, although he was a more than experienced leader, he had completely underestimated the situation and his relationship with Brutus.

  • Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin
    Steve Irwin illustrated in his life that he could challenge almost every dangerous situation with animals.He died in 2006 after his chest was fatally pierced by a stingray barb.

    One moment of not paying attention or one critical situation that didn't fit in his large experience record, became fatal. In Time Magazine it was explained that the stinging of Irwin by the stingray was "a one-in-a-million thing.

Often, some time before your Risk Reality World finally becomes Reality, small special signals or warnings have been on your way, but you ignored them. Either because you literally did not see them or because you denied or underestimated them.

So without becoming too suspicious, anxious or cautious, always keep in mind the "Law of Risk Reality". Stay aware, keep your senses and third eye open and accept and enjoy your limits.