Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Beat

From the moment we were born, 'our beat' has been set.

No matter what we do or say, 'our beat' in life go's on. No matter who we are or pretend to be, we're not able to oversing or shout down 'our beat'.

In every phase of life we play a different tune. As baby sometimes clumsy, but charming. As a child ambitious, but still fuzzy. As adult classic and convincing, as if we have become 'our tune' instead of 'our beat'.

But we're neither the notes we play, nor the space between them. Our tune plays on the background and 'our beat' keeps leading, whether we like it or not. Others may help us to find out in life what other tunes fit 'our beat', but they wont be able to change 'our beat'

Until finally 'our beat' slows down and we have to face our final moment, when 'our beat' transforms our tunes, guided by angels, in a new universal image, that'll beat(le)s you.

You won't stay beatless, and you can't beat 'your beat' in life, but you may try.

Now with this in mind listen to the next song. Can you distinguish the tune from the beat, the baby form the adult, life form death?

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