Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Collapse of Chaos in your life

Perhaps you think that if you have a consistent life-philosophy, your control your life and no great changes will take place?

you're probably wrong !

Even if we act in a stable consistent way, we keep interfering with our environment and our environment responses to us.

At first this response seems meaningless and of no value. You think you're consequent and your work and achievements in life seem relatively stable, perhaps a little bit chaotic and of no great significance. But in repeating the right things endlessly

Something will change

This change often will not appear as an evolution in your life, but as a kind of revolution, suddenly and most often unexpected.
Fore example, when you study, you'll probably once in a while think: what progress am I making?

But don't worry, if you keep on your track, there'll be a day your future suddenly comes to you (out of the blue: as a kind of emergent property) instead of "the you trying to make your future" in this Game of Life.

The solution : Langton's ant !

A good demonstration of this principle is

Langton's ant

Langton's ant is an virtual ant that starts out on a grid containing black and white cells, and then follows the following set of rules.
  1. If the ant is on a black square, it turns right 90° and moves forward one unit.
  2. If the ant is on a white square, it turns left 90° and moves forward one unit.
  3. When the ant leaves a square, it inverts the color.

The result is a quite complicated and apparently chaotic, but relatively stable, motion. But after about 10.000 moves the ant starts to build a broad diagonal "highway".

So keep on your track and wait for

The collapse of chaos in your life

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