Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hear it with your eyes!

Ever heard about

The McGurk Effect

Simply said, this effectis
  • Your ears hear the word "BA"
  • Your eyes see the word "GA"
  • Combining the two: Your mind thinks it hears the word "DA"


If you, just like me, doubt this,

Try McGurk

Watch the video and you'll hear: DA DA
Now close your eyes and listen to the video: You'll hear BA BA

After this experience you'll have to recognize that:

  • What you hear is influenced by what you see
  • You may say one thing, but everybody else - who sees and hears you -is hearing something completely else.

The fact that BA + GA creates a new perception of DA, also indicates that our mind creates a new reality (DA).
This may be explained by fuzzy logics. Shortly said: If BA and GA in our mind each create a subconscious weak GA, the combination of BA an GA creates a strong conscious DA.
This subscribes the effect that when you say to someone "I like you" but (unconsciously) think "I don't like you", the hearer of this message actually not hears ILY but something else.

This also explains why if we are talking to people face to face we sometimes "don't believe them", "doubt them" or "feel" that something is not right.

What is true for the combination of hearing and seeing, will probably also be true for the combination of "all your senses".
It all has to do with perception. Try to find out how the combination of hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling creates a new world in yourself.

So try to use all your senses in "your kitchen", when communicating with others. This will lead to a richer life. Enjoy it.

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