Friday, April 25, 2008

Only Thoughts

Ever heard about the famous philosopher and mathematician René Descartes?

He's the author of this worldchanging statement:

I think, therefore I exist

But what's the definition of "I"? In fact there is no sound definition of the real "I". The so called "I" is a kind of illusion (state of consciousness). At least when you agree on the 'No Ego Theory'.

A more logical correct statement would have been:

I think, therefore thoughts exist

Isn't it strange that just that one thing you can't grasp - Thoughts - is also just the only thing you're sure of that it exists !

On everything in life you can have different views, levels of consciousness or different forms of awareness. But thoughts are just thoughts. In fact thoughts are the one and only 'reality'.

Descartes' Error
Now it's argued that Descartes was not right because he separated mind and body in his thinking ( Descartes' Error ). In this line of thinking the original statement should be turned around ( I exist, therefore I think), because thoughts come from the mind and what the mind thinks comes from the body.

Much more likely is that our mind interprets what's coming in from the senses. This interpretation is done by the brain by means of 'universal thought-principles'. These principles are the same (universal) for all living beings. They also create the material world ( Genesis 1:2 ).

Dependent on the development of the brain and the degree of consciousness it achieves, 'universal thoughts' have more 'meaning' and are being recognized as 'thoughts'.

In fact all is created by 'only universal thoughts', on which I'll come back later.

Thought you would understand this !

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