Thursday, April 10, 2008

Discover yourself

Discover yourself in a 1 minute test ! Is that possible? Yeah !

Your qualities all have a positive and a negative side. Moreover, when you give too much of your positive quality ("too much of a good thing"), it often turns out negative.

There's a very interesting method, developed by Daniel Ofman, called "Core Quadrant", that makes it possible to define not only your qualities, but also your pitfalls and challenges.

In his book Core Qualities, Ofman explains hoe to use your qualities better in life.

The Core Quadrant Method is not just a tool for discovering your own and others' core qualities and challenges, it also teaches you that you can learn most from the people you dislike most (you're allergic to).

His view can be summarized as:
  • Giving too much of your core quality, leads to your pitfall
  • The positive quality opposite of your pitfall, is your challenge
  • That what asks too much of challenge, is your allergy
  • Your core quality is the positive quality opposite of your allergy

Let's demonstrate this view in the next example:

Interested in discovering your own (or your friends) core qualities, challenges or pitfall?
Discover in about 1 minute what they are in the free online:

Core Quality Test

This test even helps if you're not able to see positive points in a (friends) relationship.

Just mention the negative points in the test and it will lead you to a interesting new view on your friend or yourself.

Read more details on Core Qualities at Kernconsult.

Develop yourself, keep developing your qualities.

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